Capistrano Unified School District
COVID-19 Case Dashboard

Positive COVID-19 Case Dashboard:
Important Reminders

If you or your student is a close contact, you will be notified. The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) will work with the District to notify you through the school and/or department to quarantine.

* The On Campus Enrollment number represents all students and staff who are on the school campus during regular school operating hours. Enrollment is not combined for two schools that share the same street address.

The Dashboard reflects cases of individuals who were presumed to be infectious while on a school campus.

The infectious period is determined by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to be two days prior to the onset of symptoms or test date (whichever is first).

If an employee or student is not infectious while on campus the case will not be on the District dashboard. The District’s Dashboard mirrors the method in which the OCHCA and CDPH determine the number of cases, infectious while on campus, to guide their determination of when to close a school.

The total current confirmed cases includes both students and staff who are verified as positive cases.

Positive cases will appear on the Dashboard for 14 days A positive case will be reported on the Dashboard after the COVID-19 District team has verified the case as infectious while on a campus. Individual cases of COIVID -19, who have been on the campus while infectious, are entered on the Dashboard based on their COVID-19 test date and will be shown for 14 days from this date. As an example, if an individual is confirmed positive, with a test date of February 1, 2021, the individual’s case will show on the Dashboard for 14 days through February 14, 2021. The individual’s initial isolation date is calculated based upon the first of two dates: the onset of symptoms or the test date. Their total isolation is for 10 days through this initial date provided they meet the symptom requirements included on the Student and Staff Decision Trees.

All cases are confidential. Information regarding individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, close contacts with someone who is COVID-19 positive, or individuals who have tested positive for the coronavirus, is sensitive, confidential information. Names will not be released.

School* On Campus EnrollmentTotal Current Confirmed Cases
Adult Transition Program/Bridges1151
Aliso Niguel High School286251
Aliso Viejo Middle School8696
Ambuehl Elementary School34216
Arroyo Vista K-886736
Bathgate Elementary School6643
Bernice Ayer Middle School8778
Canyon Vista Elementary School5454
Capistrano Union High School1560
Capistrano Valley High School213813
Carl Hankey K-85712
Castille Elementary School53511
Chaparral Elementary School74216
Clarence Lobo Elementary School4053
Concordia Elementary School5462
Dana Hills High School21505
Del Obispo Elementary School3634
Don Juan Avila Elementary School75530
Don Juan Avila Middle School99342
Esencia K-8109913
Fred Newhart Middle School11728
George White Elementary School5301
Hidden Hills Elementary School4074
John Malcom Elementary School5686
Kinoshita Elementary School5012
Ladera Ranch Elementary School68112
Ladera Ranch Middle School135510
Laguna Niguel Elementary School4434
Las Flores Elementary School4773
Las Flores Middle School7053
Las Palmas Elementary School7835
Marblehead Elementary School3024
Marco Forster Middle School12848
Marian Bergeson Elementary School5367
Moulton Elementary School58222
Niguel Hills Middle School8267
Oak Grove Elementary School65812
Oso Grande Elementary School9808
Palisades Elementary School4294
Philip Reilly Elementary School4468
R. H. Dana Elementary School2912
R. H. Dana ENF1042
San Clemente High School29947
San Juan Elementary School7276
San Juan Hills High School301514
Shorecliffs Middle School8222
Tesoro High School239646
Tijeras Creek Elementary School3522
Truman Benedict Elementary School70014
Viejo Elementary School5556
Vista Del Mar Elementary School8477
Vista del Mar Middle School6275
Wagon Wheel Elementary School4727
Wood Canyon Elementary School5037